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Bugsworth Bunny

"What's up, doc?"
Species: Rabbit
Personal Information
  Tune Squad
  Boy Scout (formerly)
Arm Wrestling Champion of 1964
Hair Guru
  Varies on the short; usually a burrow
  Rabbit/Wabbit (by Yosemite Sam and Elmer Fudd)
Varmint (by Yosemite Sam)
Stranger (by Dr. Frankenbeans)
Wocal Wiwdwife (by Elmer Fudd)
Pesky Wabbit (by Elmer Fudd)
Mw. Wifeguawd (by Elmer Fudd)
Mw. Wabbit (by Elmer Fudd)
Uncle Bugs (by himself)
Ma'am (by Yosemite Sam)
Scwewy Wabbit (by Elmer Fudd)
Mr. Judgy McTopcritic (by himself; disguised as an art critic)
Wabbit Stew (by Elmer Fudd)
  Elmer Fudd (frenemy)
  Yosemite Sam (archenemy)
Gossamer (one-sided)
Love Interests:
  Lola Bunny (girlfriend)
Having fun
  Being hunted
When a threat gets legitimate
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Harm Wrestling
Voiced by:
Eric Bauza (Looney Tunes Cartoons)
Jeff Bergman (Space Jam: A New Legacy)

Bugsworth Bunny is the main protagonist of Looney Tunes Cartoons and its spinoff film Space Jam: A New Legacy, as well as a minor character in Animaniacs.

As he best puts it, Bugs is just a rabbit in the human world. All he wants to do is relax and live his life, but he can often get interrupted by those he meets. To get out of those sticky situations or in order to survive, he usually has to rely on his wits to outsmart his foes.


On the surface, Bugs is a funny, charismatic, and resilient rabbit who is looking for nothing but fun, but he can often get disrupted when encountering the locals of the places he visits; that is where his true trickster persona comes through. Aside from that, he retains a calm, nonchalant air about him at all times and has been known to pull a few wisecracks when he has the chance. However, he can sometimes be invasive when meeting someone he does not know personally and can get them annoyed in the process. In addition, Bugs is confident, adventurous, determined, humourous, and clever. He also seems to have a soft spot for those younger than him.


Bugs is a grey rabbit that has cheeks with white fur that wrap around his head, along with a muzzle that has two buck teeth, a pink nose and two whiskers sticking out from either side. He has a thin body with a white underbelly and wears pale yellow gloves. His feet are grey with white soles that also have black footprints underneath. Bugs has great, big, long ears with pink insides and a little, white fluffy tail. He is almost always never seen without a carrot in hand.










Elmer Fudd

Elmer Fudd is Bugs Bunny's frenemy, due to him constantly interrupting the former's pleasure and vice versa. This is made even more unbearable from the fact that Fudd is permanently at the rabbit's mercy.

Yosemite Sam

Yosemite Sam is Bugs' archenemy and most formidable foe. However, the cowboy's pride and constant rage issues are weaknesses that the rabbit can easily make into strengths in his favour. Sam himself has an extremely large prejudice against all animals, especially rabbits, which is possibly the reason Bugs sees him as his favorite target.

Beaky Buzzard


Gossamer and Bugs are currently on neutral terms with each other since they have an on and off relationship; at one point Bugs could be giving him a makeover and the next the monster could be giving chase to the rabbit in order to please his creator.

The Gremlin

Bugs is mostly on friendly terms with the Gremlin despite the constant torture he puts the rabbit through. To that end, he is constantly put on edge whenever he is involved in the Gremlin's destructive antics and disapproves of this in general.

Dr. Frankenbeans

Dr. Frankenbeans and Bugs do not know each other personally since the latter basically invaded his personal space. However, one can describe the scientist as a potential foe for the bunny.

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