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Looney Tunes Cartoons, also referred to as Looney Tunes, is an animated series based on Warner Bros' popular Looney Tunes franchise. The show premiered on May 27, 2020 on HBO max. This incarnation of the franchise is referred to as the official reboot and/or resurrection of Looney Tunes. The show was developed by Pete Browngardt, who is known for his work on two of Cartoon Network's least popular and critically-panned franchises, namely Secret Mountain Fort Awesome and Uncle Grandpa.

The series stars Bugs Bunny; a charismatic rabbit, Daffy Duck; a hyperactive duck, Tweety; an adorable canary, and Porky Pig; a straight-man pig. The four of them are individually placed in various situations where they have to either outwit one another or foes such as the prideful Sylvester, the mild mannered Elmer Fudd, the grouchy Yosemite Sam, the imbecilic Beaky Buzzard, and the feral Taz. Other characters that are featured include the ever chipper Road Runner, the self proclaimed super genius Wile E. Coyote, and the soft spoken alien conqueror Marvin the Martian.

Development and Production

The series was developed by Peter Browngardt for Warner Brothers as a reboot of the Looney Tunes franchise. Browngardt was pitching his own idea of a Looney Tunes short to Warner Brothers Animation executive Audrey Diehl, when Diehl inspired him to create a reboot of the Looney Tunes franchise. Development started in 2017 with production of the style guides dating back to 2018. [1] Browngardt storyboarded and animated a 30 second logo for the approval of Sam Register and Warner Bros. [2] In the animated short used during early development, Eric Bauza voiced Daffy Duck. The show has been said to have at least 1000 minutes crammed into 80 episodes throughout its run [3], with said episodes being released in batches of 10, thus bringing the series to have a total of over 200 shorts. The series has also confirmed that many of the characters from the original shorts will make a comeback. [4]


Looney Tunes Cartoons is associated with the 2020 relaunch of the Looney Tunes brand, having planned 80 episodes to be released in each season; and the show primarily exists to help revive the franchise. Warner Bros, the company that owns the property, has come to see Looney Tunes as its "signature brand" due to its charming appeal resonating with viewers since 1930. [5]


There are five main categories that any short featured in the series can fall into:

  • Porky and Daffy: Shorts which focus on Porky and Daffy being forced to either cooperate or altercate with each other in order to achieve a simple goal in their everyday lives.
  • Tweety: Shorts which focus on Tweety attempting to escape from Sylvester, who has a perpetual notion to make the bird his lunch.
  • Bugs Bunny: Shorts which focus on Bugs Bunny trying to outwit and/or evade foes such as Elmer Fudd, Yosemite Sam, Beaky Buzzard, and Taz.
  • Daffy Duck: Shorts which focus on Daffy Duck having to get out of a situation either with himself or another character such as Elmer Fudd.
  • Porky Pig: Shorts which focus on Porky Pig's exploits as he tries to navigate everyday life in his own amicably humorous ways.

Outside of the main five, there are segments such as Road Runner and Ralph and Sam which make recurring appearances from time to time. The Road Runner segments focus on Wile E. Coyote attempting to catch Road Runner with a variety of ACME products, and the Ralph and Sam segments focus on Ralph Wolf trying to kidnap himself a sheep while avoiding Sam Sheepdog as part of his daily job.



  • Bugs Bunny: The central character of the series. A nonchalant grey rabbit with a white underbelly and toes who is clad in yellow gloves. Speaking in an accent combined from Brooklyn and Bronx, he usually has to rely on his quick thinking and charisma to get himself out of trouble so that can live his life in peace.
  • Daffy Duck: A black duck with an orange bill and feet who wears a grey choker. Very looney and crazy, he is also somewhat ignorant to others around him and only lives for his own personal gain.
  • Porky Pig: A pig with a severe stuttering problem who wears a navy blazer, a red bowtie, and yellow gloves. He serves as the straight man of the main cast, appearing mainly as a neurotic foil to Daffy.
  • Sylvester: A black tuxedo cat with a bulbous red nose, yellow eyes, and a white underbelly and paws with claws. He is constantly hungering after Tweety, whilst also wanting to prove that cats are superior to all living beings.
  • Tweety: A canary with blue eyes and an orange feet and beak with only three hairs sticking out from his head. Although he has a cute demeanor, he turns incredibly violent whenever Sylvester tries to eat him, sometimes unsettling him without knowing it.
  • Road Runner: A greater roadrunner with light blue plumage on his body and tail feathers, a dark blue crest, a yellow beak, and brown talons. Always on the run, he keeps a constantly carefree air about him, sometimes stopping to snack on birdseed.
  • Wile E. Coyote: A brown coyote with an ochre underbelly and ear insides and yellow eyes with red bags. An avid customer of the ACME Corporation, he often uses their products to capture Road Runner, to no avail.
  • Elmer Fudd: A middle aged man who is often seen wearing a hunting outfit. Bugs Bunny’s frenemy, he has a usually mild mannered personality, but is often pushed to stress, anger, or even insanity at the hands of the rabbit.
  • Yosemite Sam: A short western-accented man who is mostly seen in a cowboy outfit. Bugs Bunny's archenemy, his vicious temper allows his opponent to get the better of him despite being more competent than Elmer.
  • Beaky Buzzard: A buzzard with black feathers and yellow beak and feet. Smart enough to fail shapes and colours, he is always on the hunt for his next meal, despite being too clueless to see it.
  • Taz: A dark brown tasmanian devil with purple bags around his eyes that are connected by a furry unibrow. He is the most savage out of the entire cast, having a speech which is mostly spoken in third person.


  • Marvin the Martian: A martian who wears a red jumpsuit and olive green Roman attire. He is usually seen trying to conquer various planets in the name of his home planet Mars, to comedic failure.
  • Granny: An elderly woman who is clad in an indigo gown with black accents. She is the owner of Tweety and tends to his every whim, normally unaware of Sylvester's attempts to eat him.
  • Sam Sheepdog: A beige Briard sheepdog with black ears and a red mop of hair that covers his eyes. He works 9 to 5 at a job which involves guarding a flock of sheep from his co-worker Ralph Wolf.
  • Ralph Wolf: A brown wolf with a tan underbelly and ear insides and a red nose. He has a full time job in which he tries to steal sheep from his co-worker and friends Sam Sheepdog, usually to little success.


  • Mama Buzzard: A tall buzzard with black feathers and yellow beak and talons. The harried mother of Beaky Buzzard, she is usually exasperated with her son and sends him out to gather food for the two of them.
  • Gossamer: A large monster composed entirely from ginger hair that wears nothing but a pair of tennis shoes. Created by Dr. Frankenbeans, he acts as his bodyguard and does whatever he tells him to do.


For individual shorts, the list of shorts

All of the show's episodes are rated TV-PG

Season one

Season one opened with a "preview", an early screening of six of the shorts twenty three days before the series "officially" started, to coincide with the launch of the streaming service HBO max. The introduction of the characters and the respective plots revolving around their daily exploits, which overall sets up the entire basis of the series, spanned over the first four episodes. Bugs Bunny's 24-Carrot Holiday Special introduces the concept of packaging the shorts into holiday specials, allowing the eleventh episode to take place. The show's developer, Pete Browngardt, serves as executive producer for this season. All of season one's episodes are rated PG for "parental guidance".

This season focuses mainly on Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Tweety and Porky Pig and their main adversaries Sylvester, Elmer Fudd, Yosemite Sam, Beaky Buzzard, and Taz as well as the ongoing chase between Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote. Other characters that are introduced include Foghorn Leghorn, Granny, Barnyard Dawg, Marvin the Martian, Sam Sheepdog, Rocky, Mugsy, Cecil Turtle, Gossamer, Petunia Pig, the Gashouse Gorillas, and many more.

Voice Cast




  • Keith Ferguson as Cecil Turtle
  • Rachel Butera as Mama Buzzard
  • Fred Tatasciore as Santa Claus and Gossamer



International broadcast

Warner Bros, the company that owns the brand, sees international media licensing as an important revenue source. The show is currently broadcast on Teletoon in Canadian territories.


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